How Portal Collaboration can help your organization


Today's professional organization needs to evolve with its members' needs;  and we're here to help.    Gone are the days when you could put out the latest news on a newsletter or static website.  Members expect the latest web 2.0 tools to socially network and collaborate.  

Kona portal system is a scalable, customizable platform that grows with your membership and activities.  Some solutions we have achieved for our professional societies:

  • Hierarchical chapter communities
  • Access-restricted member groups (e.g. board, students, staff) with granular roles and permissions
  • Integration with association management systems, billing, surveys, webinars, and web based IT systems
  • Revenue generating interactive sponsorship pages
  • Virtual Q/A sessions with leaders and special guests
  • Member to member interaction via online projects and committees

If you have outgrown your Drupal or Wordpress website, we can take your organization to the next level in portal technology, used by several Fortune 500 companies.  By utilizing open standard components and leveraging your existing technology whenever possible, we can offer our clients an affordable solution at a fraction of the price of a traditional customized enterprise portal project.    

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Case Study:  

National physician association achieves its goals virtually


A small national organization with two offices on each coast wishes to leverage their limited physicial footprint with a virtual presence using multiple regional subcommunties and cloud web 2.0 technology. Each local regional chapter acts as an semi-independent enitity with its own internal website, calendar, discussion area, and content, but remains fully integrated with the national portal without requiring additional sign in. 

As each chapter becomes larger and more independent, they can be "spun off" to their own website while still remaining interlinked with the national organization.

Each member has specific roles and permissions to access only those parts of the portal they are allowed.   For instance, Board members can access the board-only section, but not the student section. 

Moreover, this association uses the same portal to create dedicated mini-communities for special virtual projects in diabetes management and provider education with roles and permissions access for those involved.  Members are able to collaborate on their project through the portal without need for costly face to face meetings.

Role based communities created:

  • Board of Directors
  • Staff
  • Project/Research
  • Students
  • Regional chapters (ie New York, San Francisco, Honolulu)