Physicians, staffs, healthcare organizations and providers are in need of a simplistic resourceful unified portal with meaningful collaborative workflow of unified services.  Healthcare organizations need their physicians and staffs to be able to foster collaboration not just within their organization.  But must foster them to cross the collaboration divide across different organizations, providers and provide choices of vendors services to improve healthcare workflow and patent care. 
Kona Healthcare's current clients are local chapter, state level and nationwide level healthcare associations, organizations and communities.
Within a proven enterprise class extensible framework, a portal can start off by incubating the simplest of healthcare projects; from basic organization needs to implementing a full range hierarchical organization with a plethora of applications and services to serve millions of users.  In other words, a simple start-up organization can get the same portal framework as an enterprise class organization without paying for it upfront nor incurring the expense of migration and "forklift" costs to get an enterprise class framework, applications and services when it grows into those needs later on.