How Portal Collaboration can help your medical device/pharmaceutical company


Device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies can leverage Kona's platform to engage current and potential customers on their products and gain critical insight.

Some solutions that can be achieved:

  • Engage your customers with interactive sponsorship pages (contact us for a live demo)
  • Get feedback from real customers via virtual advisory panels
  • Conduct online surveys, provide content and joint webinars in collaboration with professional associations
  • Host collaborative Q/A sessions with provider, healthcare staff, or patients on your products
  • Integrate Kona solutions with exisiting portal and web applications

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Case Study:  

Billing service interacting with physician clients


A Fortune 500 company's billing division wanted to 1. identify those medical practices actively looking to improve their billing/coding performance and 2. educate potential clients about its unique medical coding solution. Rather than using traditional print media or banner web ads, they partnered with Kona to create an interactive web page embedded within a physician association website to engage their target audience.    Not only did they reach their target audience, but this virtual two way dialogue helped to highlight the unique characteristics of their product that would not othewise come out with passive marketing efforts.  The vendor has found it a cost and time effective way to reach quality leads at a much affordable cost, while strengthening its relationship with the physician association.

Moroever, this process has created pathways for the vendor to later engage doctors via surveys on an ad hoc basis.   Since it's in partnership with a professional association, they know the participants are genuine.   The ROI for feedback on new products is much less than commisioning an traditional research services to do this evaulation.