How Kona can help your medical practice


Today's medical practice must adapt to many external changes;  and we're here to help.    From EHR's to ACO's, doctors more than ever need the tools to make their practice as productive and efficient as possible.  

The Kona Portal is a scalable, customizable platform that can leverage a group's existing IT solutions to enhance physicians' workflow in their office and on the road.  Some solutions we have achieved for our medical practice clients:

If you have a need to empower your physicians and staff to better manage your disparate IT systems, we can offer solutions to increase your productivity so that you can spend more time serving your patients and less time troubleshooting the backend.

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Case Study:  

Surprise!  Health IT systems working for the doctor


A medium size radiology group working at mutiple hosptials needs to bring together multiple disparate IT systems for each hospital delivery system;  from EMR to PACS.   Using HIPAA compliant roles and permissions, each doctor with appropriate clearances can view their typical IT systems for each hospital on a single work panel.  

With a click of a button radiologist A accesses his primary hospital's RIS, PACS, and EMR on a single webpage with automatic logins. Whereas radiologist B working at the imaging center views his center's RIS, PACS, and EHR on his webpage.  Moreover, all these site specific work panels are available to any radiologist on demand with the appropriate privileges.

Kona can create a unified portal that incorporates web enabled systems under one location; intelligently displaying only those applications and services the user needs and has permissions for.