How Portal Fusion can enhance your enterprise system


Kona's Fusion services allows organizations to build custom secure pages and sections based on a user's role and permissions.     Dedicated portal sections bring together web applications, documents, social media, and discussion tools all in one page.   Each physician can access a unified hospital or clinic specific webpage that displays all the web tools he/she needs to practice from EHRs to PACS with a single log in; saving time and increasing efficiency.     Enterprise specific tools your members need on one page saves time and the aggravation of remembering website addresses and passwords, while increasing organizational value and satisfaction.

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Case Study:  

Enterprise specific provider workflow panel


A multi-specialty practice covers three hospital systems in additional to multiple offices.   With the adoption of electronic health records, each group physician must access multiple HIT services based on his specialty and health enterprise he is working at that day.  For instance, the group radiologist interfaces with Hospital A's RIS, PACS, and EMR.  Whereas the group cardiologist views the practice's ambulatory EHR, Hospital B cath lab, and local pharmacy IT systems.     Kona can create a unified portal that incorporates web enabled systems under one location, intelligently displaying only those applications and services the user needs and has permissions for.